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Split Air-Conditioner vs Normal Air-Conditioner: What is the difference

split air conditioner vs normal air conditioner

Air-conditioner is defined as a machine or system which is being utilized to cool an enclosed space by removing heat and controlling the humidity.

In order not to increase the heat load in a space, all the openings shall be closed while the Air-conditioner generates cold air into the specific area of cooling.

There are two types of Air-conditioner: Split Air Conditioner and normal Air-conditioner, commonly named as window air conditioner as well.

While both types of AC are performing the same job function to cool down a specific area, they could differ in terms of designs, as well as the cost impact.

What Is Split Air Conditioner?

As the name goes, this type of AC is being separated into two different parts from each other; one of these parts will be installed indoors, preferably inside the room in the ceiling or attached to the wall.

The other part is placed outdoors which contains mechanical parts such as fan (for heat ejection) and compressor. The schematic diagram is as shown below:-

layout of split air conditioner

In a split AC system, the indoor unit is known as an evaporator which consists of a blower, air filter, evaporator or cooling coils and drainage system.

For the outdoor unit, it is called a condenser unit as it consists of a compressor, motor, fan, discharge and condenser.

Its function is to exhaust warm air outside the room and supply fresh air to the inside via heat exchanging process.

In order to connect both indoor and outdoor units, both suction and liquid lines are being implemented.

For the Split AC system to be complete, it only requires a small hole for the passage of wires and pipes which connects both condenser and evaporator units.

What Is Normal Air-Conditioner?

A normal AC is called a Window AC, where the air-conditioning unit is mounted in a window or cut through the wall the size of an AC in such a way that half of the unit is inside the room; whereas the other half of the unit remains outside the room.

The unit is portable and has only one unit as its own. Due to its characteristic of all components in one unit, it requires much more space for installation purposes.

normal air conditioner layout

In the normal Air-conditioner system, it consists of a fan motor, fan condenser, compressor, condenser coils, evaporator fan, evaporator coils, filters, air inlet and outlet grill.

Controls are available on the unit to change the setting of AC. The few advantages of this normal AC are as below:-

  1. Easy to install and maintain

  2. Handle small area of space much efficiently

  3. Portable         

Split Air-Conditioner VS Normal Air-Conditioner

In such scenario where split air-conditioner and normal window air-conditioner system differs, we can further summarize their differences in the table below:-


Split Air-Conditioner






Window Air-Conditioner



Divided into 2 units






Single Unit



Indoor Unit – Ceiling / Wall


Outdoor Unit – Outside the room



Installation Location



Fit in the window only






Noise Level









Maintenance Cost









Space Area Required









Ease of Relocation


















Installation Cost








Electricity Consumption





Cooling Capacity

Low (0.75 – 2.5 tons)




Dictates Elegance (Indoor)


Does not specify beauty

In a Nutshell

Split air-conditioner and window air-conditioner possess various differences in multiple aspects.

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