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Please download our product brochure to learn more about the specifications of our commercial air conditioners.

TCW's Air-Cooled Air Conditioners

Our air-cooled air-conditioner ranges from 5HP to 20HP for commercial applications. Standard specifications include low noise propeller fan, IP55 fan motor, scroll compressor, controller, and phase protector.

  • Air-Cooled Condensing Unit - 5HP to 20HP.

  • High Static Fan Coil Unit - 5HP to 75HP (100Pa to 350Pa).

  • Floor Standing Unit - 5 HP to 20HP.

Ducted Fan Coil Guide Specification/Features

  • The excellent range of fan coil units covers air flow from 600 to 2300 CFM.

  • These units have been engineered for light industrial and commercial applications.

  • The compact design requires minimal installation floor space and it maximises container space for shipment.

  • Internal components are easily accessible by removing the access panels.

  • Units completed with coil, one or more centrifugal fans, condensate drain pan, and galvanised steel casing panels insulated with 5 mm closed cell insulation material.

  • Coil shall be constructed with aluminium fins mechanically bonded to 3/8 dia copper tubing.

  • Coils are tested under 350 psig, with a maximum design operating pressure 250 psig at <100C.

  • Coil shall be shipped pressurised with dry nitrogen.

PMT Commercial Air Conditioners 1
PMT Water Cooled Package 3

Your Success Is Our Success

We offer a broad range of HVAC products and parts for commercial and industrial application, including oil and gas industry.  Be it standard design or custom-make design, we  strive  to meet your engineering requirements and quality expectations.   Located near to international sea port, we are able to serve our international customers in most part of world.

Spread over 22,000 square-meter of manufacturing facility and operate by committed managements, experienced engineers and workers, our company is well equipped to serve our customers with quality products.

With more than 200 machines devoted to keeping our services flexible and efficient, our group is able to maintain broad facilities that are primed to provide a range of standardised and custom-made HVAC products and parts for commercial and industrial applications including design and software capabilities.

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