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A wide variety of filter types are available to meet any filtration requirements, including flat filters, low velocity filters, bag filters, HEPA filters, carbon filters, and other types.

Our Air Filters:

TCW offers the filters in order to supply the complete AHUs. There are 3 major type of filters offered are:

  1. Pre-filter

  2. Bag Filter

  3. HEPA Filter

1. Pre-Filters

Our pre-filter frames are designed with rigid aluminum / galvanized frame while the media is made of high-tech synthetic media fiber. In order to get the highest efficiency of the filter, the filter is design with the media installed in pleated type to increase the surface area to optimise the highest filtration operation.

  • Rigid frame made of AL / GI frame

  • Synthetic media

  • High dust holding capacity

  • With EN779 classification: G2, G3 and G4

  • Available arrestance: 75%, 85% and 95%.

  • Max operating temperature: 200 degree C.

  • Available standard size: 24x24 inch, 12x24 inch and 20x24 inch with 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch and 4 inch thickness.

Note : Pleated media available in 2 inch and 4 inch thickness only.

PMT Pre-Filters

2. Bag Filters

Our bag filters are designed with the pockets assembled into the frame using mouth rings to form a structure to prevent the pockets from dropping off during operation. The filter media is made of high quality synthetic fiber which consists of 4 layers. It provides high holding capacity and low resistance. The needle pinching and melt blown layer provides the filter efficiency. However, the pockets are sealed using ultrasonic to prevent air leakages. The pockets are held with the mouth rings to ensure the pocket can handle constant air flow and enhanced utilisation area. This is to improve the dust holding capacity and to reduce the resistance.

  • High performance synthetic fiber

  • Ultra Sonic sealed type pocket filter

  • Rigid filter frame made of Galvanized steel. Optional with aluminium frame.

  • High dust-holding capacity

  • Low initial resistance

  • Average Dust Spot Efficiency: 40-55%, 60-65%, 80-85% and 90-95%.

  • With EN779 Classification: F5, F6, F7 and F8

  • Max Temperature: 60 degree C.

  • Rated air flow 2.5m/s

  • Common size: 24x24x1 inch, 12x24x1 inch, 20x24x1 inch with various pocket lengths

PMT Bag Filters

3. HEPA Filters

Our HEPA filters are designed with a rigid metal frame. The filter is constructed with an AL separator pleated with a media pack to provide the highest efficiency with the lowest possible resistance. This construction helps to increase the surface area of the filtration while fully occupying the airflow.

  • High efficiency with 99.95% at MPPS (H13) and 99.995% at MPPS (H14) accordance with EN 1822.

  • Media made of water proof glass fiber.

  • Readiness of handling the high air flow or air volume capacity.

  • Suitable for environment with moisture contain and humidity.

  • Available in wooden, aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized casing.

  • High dust holding capacity.

  • Temperature resistance up to 80 degree C.

  • Humidity resistance up to 100%

  • Standard filter size: 24x24x12 inch, 12x24x12 inch and 12x12x12 inch.

PMT HEPA Filters


PMT Air Filter Specifications
PMT Air Filter Specifications
PMT Air Filter Specifications

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