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TCW started as a metal parts fabricator 10 years ago and have progressed to design and assemble whole units of air handler now. Thus, the engineering team has been trained up to have strong engineering skill in designing the flexible enforcement structure and sizing the capacity as well. All the components and materials are also carefully selected to meet the relevant codes and quality requirements.

Our Air Handling Units (AHU):

TCW has flexible capabilities in manufacturing OEM products for central station Air-Handling Units selection, which covers air-flows from 2,000 CFM to 35,000 CFM. Depending on the structure and reinforcements, units can provide external static pressures up to 8 inches or more depend on the special request. All AHU sizing comes along with the selection technical data.

The units may consist of Mixing Box, filtration, heating, cooling, ventilating & etc. On the unit sizing, our team is focused on the concerns of “transportation flexibility”. The unit is always designed in simple sections or multiple sections and assembled to comply the transportation requirements.​

Air Handling Unit (AHU) build-up:

  • AHU Structure

  • Double Skin Panel

  • Mixing Box with damper

  • Filtration

  • Coil

  • Ventilation section

  • Corrosion protection coatings 


Nevertheless, TCW also provides Equipment Selection Software to offer precise, fast, accurate, and optimal model size selection.

Our Quality

The quality and reliability of any TCW AHUs depends on the quality of the components. Each unit can have designed-in flexibility to adapt to your exact requirements wide range of modular design. This range provides you with the best overall total value based upon life expectancy, functionality and serviceability. TCW AHU designs incorporate many engineering and performance features which maximised equipment up-time and the additional benefit of reduced maintenance costs. TCW AHU is designed to meet thermal insulation and air tightness BS EN 1886 Class TB1. Thermal bridge profile TB2 for 50 and TB3 for 30mm.

Our Wide Range Of Sizes

TCW offers 23 standard sizes of optimally engineered AHU to handle air volumes from 700 CFM to 41,000CFM. Non-standard units can be produced for any application with much higher flow rate up to 50,000CFM. Low height units can also be custom-made for installation with space constrain.


Flexible Modular Construction

Our TCW AHU are manufactured as combined blocks of encased individual modules assembly. Standard panels thickness are 30mm and 50mm with rigid PU injected insulation sandwiched between 2 sheet metals. An air handling unit consists of a fan or fans and other necessary sections like coil, filters, etc. to perform one or more of the functions of circulating, cleaning, heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying and mixing of air. The AHU can be delivered in sections for indoor or outdoor installation, completely assembled or complete-knocked-down (CKD) for on site assembly.

Rigid and Leak Tight Construction

TCW AHU are fabricated from penta-post made from heavy gauge aluminum profiles, and strong fiberreinforced PE corner connection. This method gives superior mechanical characteristics and gives the unit its rigidity and design flexibility. The unique profiles with their unique cross sections designed to give extra strength and rigidity to the unit frame and to prevent any buckling or deformation. As standard, we offer thermal-break profile for 50mm AHU. Panels and frame are secured using internally bolted fixings. The gasket liner between the panels and frame ensures an excellent leak tight and also works as thermal and acoustic insulation.



MODEL: PM0809 to PM2738 (700CFM to 41000 CFM)

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