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As the ONE & ONLY Heresite Certified Applicator in Malaysia, TCW Group proudly offers our clients with one-stop Heresite Coating solution via our inhouse coating facilities.

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Our Heresite Coating Services

Our experienced Production team and facilities capability further made the coatings for wide range of market specific or large-sized process equipment viable.


We provide the highest standard of protective coatings quality for air conditioning and refrigeration systems which is tested to be corrosive-resistance when the HVAC-R equipment are placed and operating in a moderate or severely corrosive environments such as marine environments, swimming pools, wastewater treatment, agriculture, food processing industries.


The thin, flexible and durable protective coating film application to the HVAC Coil able to prolongs the lifetime of the equipment under harsh environment;  meanwhile maintaining the stable heat transfer. 


Air-Dry Coatings

Heresite VR-514  Air Dry Phenolics

VR-514 is a primer-finish combination material specifically designed for marine / salt water environment. Its air-dry phenolic coating characteristics made the application via brush, spray or roller permissible. 

Advantages of VR-514 Coating:-

(a) Excellent durability & good adhesion

(b) Outstanding film building characteristics & flexibility

(c) Heavy-duty for exposure to splash, spillage and fumes.

(d) Suitable for wide range of applications include HVAC equipment, agricultural implements, chemical plants, construction and marine industries, underground ventilation systems.

(e) Available in aerosol version (VR-514T) for simple touch-up. 

Ours capability:-

Maximum weight: 3000 kg

Maximum dimensions: No limit, as long as it is within shipping size

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Baked Phenolics

Heresite P-413 Baked Phenolic Epoxy

P-413 is a highly effective phenolic epoxy coating designed especially for heat exchangers. It is proven to provide a long-lasting of 18,000 hours salt spray tested corrosion protection in compliance with ASTM B-117 and humidity resistance of > 2,000 hours as per ASTM D4585.

Advantages of P-413 Coating:-

(a) Able to withstand extreme high & low pH corrosive chemicals.

(b) Thin, flexible film allows efficient thermal conductors.

(c) Least thermal loss of < 1% after P-413 coating.    

Ours capability:-

Maximum weight: 1500 kg

Maximum dimensions: 7ft (H) x 3ft (W) x 20ft (L)


International Oil Services Firms use Heresite

Radiators implemented on offshore platforms worldwide coated with Heresite in order to ensure 24/7 operations in harsh and corrosive salt & chemicals environments


Waste Water Treatments Facilities


In North America, the 2nd largest water treatment facility applied P-413 Heresite on blowers, air handling units and air-conditioning coils; whereas VR-514 was used to coat the miles of duct work in plant. These equipment are exposed to salt air, hydrogen sulfide and other gases at all times, yet the Heresite coatings has served the facility well in 10 years and above up-to-date.  

Marines' Craft Radiators

Heresite application allows the marines craft's radiators operate in a severe salt environment without failure.

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Your Success Is Our Success

We offer a broad range of HVAC products and parts for commercial and industrial application, including oil and gas industry.  Be it standard design or custom-make design, we  strive  to meet your engineering requirements and quality expectations.   Located near to international sea port, we are able to serve our international customers in most part of world.

Spread over 22,000 square-meter of manufacturing facility and operate by committed managements, experienced engineers and workers, our company is well equipped to serve our customers with quality products.

With more than 200 machines devoted to keeping our services flexible and efficient, our group is able to maintain broad facilities that are primed to provide a range of standardised and custom-made HVAC products and parts for commercial and industrial applications including design and software capabilities.

Check out our products and services behind the scenes by clicking the button below!

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