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The TCW series of rooftop air cooled package unit are designed to be the most efficient, quickest to install, easiest to service, and most reliable units in the industry-while still maintaining an affordable price.

Our Air Cooled Package Units

This platform provides you with a full line of nominal capacities from 100 to 300 MBH. This unit is suitable for use in mobile homes, commercial homes and conventionally constructed residential and commercial buildings where horizontally-ducted system is preferred.

Evaporating units consist of an evaporator coil, centrifugal forward curve blower, pre-filter and enclosed in a single skin galvanised steel casing. There are design configurations with hanging or floor mounted type.


Each condensing units consist of a condensing coil, condenser fan with motor, compressor, refrigerant circuit and enclosed in a single skin galvanised steel casing.

Casing Construction

As standard, the casing is constructed with electro galvanised mild steel sheet to ensure units casing rigidly and eliminate vibration. The casing is painted with epoxy polyester powder coating for excellent finish, weather protection and corrosion resistance against severe external conditions.


The standard fans used for evaporator are forward curve Double Width Double Inlet (DWDI) centrifugal fans. The blowers are belt driven with motors 380- 415V /3-Phase / 50 Hz.

The standard fans used for condenser are propeller type with aluminium impeller. The propeller fans are direct driven with motors 380-415V /3-Phase / 50 Hz.

3. PMT Yilida Centrifugal Blowers - SYQ (Backward Curve)


All coils designed to deliver their respective duties at optimum performance at all design conditions and to meet a wide range of applications and requirements. As a standard, coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes of OD 9.52mm (3/8inch).


The cooper tubes are mechanically expanded into collar of corrugated aluminium fins to provide a continuous compression bond over the entire finned length for maximum heat transfer rates. The standard number of fins per inch are 10, 12, 14 FPI (fin pitch 3.3, 2.5 2.1, and 1.8).


All coils are factory tested at no less than 300 psig air pressure underwater. Due to the huge variety of coil input conditions, the coils calculation and selection is optimally done based on a fully wetted coil by selection software integrated in the unit selection software to match the required conditions.

Direct expansion coils are equipped with a properly - sized expansion valve and distributor to ensure equal refrigerant fed to all circuits. The number of circuits is chosen to provide optimum heat transfer and reasonable refrigerant velocity and pressure drop so as not to trap any oil in the coil tubing.

The headers are made of seamless copper pipes. The inlet and outlet connections are sealed against unit panels by rubber gaskets as standard wherever coil connections protrude through the casing.


Utilizing the full available unit cross section area, coils are mounted in the unit casing on noncorrosive slide rails to allow for easy coil slide in - slide out when required.

As standard, coil casings are made of galvanized steel sheet. Stainless steel 304/316L casing is offered as option.

Direct Expansion Coil_edited.png


The units are equipped with 1" thickness washable filter synthetic fibre filter, Class G2. The filter is designed to be easily withdrawal and renewal of filter cells.

Drain Pan

In order to remove the condensate, the drain pan is supplied under the cooling coil which covers the entire coil section. The drain pan, is made from powder coated galvanized steel metal or painted mild steel.

The drain pan is designed with a slight downward slope towards the drain pipe to ensure quick drainage and no water accumulation in the drain pan when AHU is in idle. The drain pan outer surface is insulated by 10mm closed cell PE foam insulation to prevent condensation.

Drain Pan


The condenser units come with high efficiency, low noise and reliability scroll compressor.


Optional Air Cooled Package Unit Parts

The condenser units come with high efficiency, low noise and reliability scroll compressor.

  • Stainless Steel SS 304, SS 316, PU panel casing

  • Bag Filter Section

  • Mixing box compartment

  • Explosion proof motor

  • Electrical heater

  • Customer RAL coating

Please contact us to find out more about the options.

Our Air Cooled Package Unit Features

Rooftop Unit Specifications 1
Rooftop Unit Specifications 2

Our Air Cooled Package Unit Models

HRT 100/125

HRT 100/125

HRT 150

HRT 150

HRT 200/250

HRT 200/250

HRT 300

HRT 300

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