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Heat exchangers TCW termasuk Shell-and-Tubes Heat Exchangers dan Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, dan hal-hal lain seperti koil pendingin.

Produk Heat Exchanger TCW

  1. Shell-and-Tubes Heat Exchanger

  2. Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

  3. Cooling Coil

  4. Tube-in-Tube

1. Shell-and-Tubes Heat Exchanger

1. Material Specifications: Schedule Pipes and API Pipes

  • The use of Schedule pipes and API pipes in the construction of shell and tube heat exchangers ensures durability and reliability in handling various operating conditions.

  • Schedule pipes are standardized for high-pressure applications, offering robustness and resistance to corrosion.

  • API pipes, designed according to American Petroleum Institute standards, guarantee high quality and performance, particularly in industries with stringent requirements such as oil and gas.

2. Shell and Tube Vessels up to 18-inch Diameter

  • This specification highlights the versatility of the heat exchanger, capable of accommodating a wide range of sizes to suit different applications.

  • The flexibility in vessel diameter allows for customization to meet specific project requirements while maintaining efficiency and effectiveness in heat transfer processes.


3. Capacity up to 260RT

  • The capacity of the heat exchanger, measured in Refrigeration Tons (RT), indicates its ability to handle large heat loads efficiently.

  • With a capacity of up to 260RT, the heat exchanger can effectively transfer heat across the tubes to meet the cooling or heating demands of various industrial processes or HVAC systems.


4. Designed According to ASTM Standards and Meets JKKP Requirements

  • Designing the shell and tube heat exchanger according to ASTM standards ensures compliance with industry-recognized specifications for materials, construction, and performance.

  • Meeting the requirements of JKKP (Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan Malaysia) underscores the commitment to safety and regulatory compliance, ensuring that the heat exchanger operates safely and reliably within Malaysian occupational health and safety guidelines.

PMT Shell-and-Tubes Heat Exchanger

2. Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Copper Tube Diameter

  • The choice between 3/8" (9.58mm) and 1/2" (12.75mm) copper tube diameters provides flexibility in design and performance optimization. The selection depends on factors such as heat load, airflow, and pressure drop considerations.

AL Fin

  • The corrugated pattern and the range of fins-per-inch (up to 10 to 24) enhance the surface area available for heat transfer. A higher fin-per-inch count allows for greater heat transfer efficiency, making the heat exchanger in Singapore more effective in dissipating heat.

Optional Features:

  1. Heresite Coating
    • This optional coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, prolonging the lifespan of the heat exchanger and ensuring reliable performance even in harsh environments.

  2. Hydrophilic Fin
    • Hydrophilic coatings promote water wettability, facilitating better heat transfer by improving condensation efficiency and reducing the risk of surface fouling.

  3. Copper Fin
    • Copper fins offer superior thermal conductivity, enhancing heat transfer efficiency compared to other materials.

  4. Slit Fin
    • Slit fins provide increased turbulence to the airflow, improving heat transfer performance and reducing the airside pressure drop.

Leak Testing

  • All coils undergo leak testing up to 350 psi, ensuring the integrity of the heat exchanger and preventing any leakage that could compromise its performance or safety.

Casing Material

  • The choice between stainless steel or galvanized steel casing provides options for durability and corrosion resistance, allowing the heat exchanger to withstand harsh operating conditions and environmental exposure.

PMT Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

3. Cooling Coil

Coil Type: Chill Water / DX System

  • The cooling coil is adaptable to both chill water and direct expansion (DX) systems. This versatility ensures its compatibility with various cooling setups, offering flexibility in installation and operation.

Fin Type: Aluminium Fin, Hydrophilic AL Fin, Copper Fin

  • The cooling coil offers a choice of fin types tailored to different requirements. Aluminium fins provide lightweight durability and efficient heat transfer. Hydrophilic aluminium fins enhance moisture removal and prevent condensation buildup, ideal for humid environments. Copper fins offer excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

Steel/Copper Header with Copper Tube OD 3/8”, 1/2”, or 5/8”

  • The cooling coil features headers constructed from either steel or copper, paired with copper tubes of varying outer diameters (OD). Copper headers ensure compatibility with the tube material for optimal heat transfer and corrosion resistance. The availability of different tube diameters allows customization based on specific cooling capacity and application requirements.

Coil Leak Tested up to 350psi

  • Prior to installation, the cooling coil undergoes rigorous leak testing, ensuring structural integrity and reliability under operating conditions. The coil's ability to withstand pressures up to 350 psi reflects its robust construction and adherence to quality standards, minimizing the risk of refrigerant leaks and associated downtime.

PMT Cooling Coils
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Keberhasilan Anda Adalah Kesuksesan Kami

Kami menawarkan berbagai produk dan suku cadang HVAC untuk aplikasi komersial dan industri, termasuk industri minyak dan gas. Baik itu desain standar atau desain yang dibuat khusus, kami berusaha memenuhi persyaratan teknis dan ekspektasi kualitas Anda. Terletak di dekat pelabuhan laut internasional, kami dapat melayani pelanggan internasional kami di seluruh dunia.

Tersebar di fasilitas manufaktur seluas 22.000 meter persegi dan dioperasikan oleh manajemen yang berkomitmen, insinyur dan pekerja berpengalaman, perusahaan kami dilengkapi dengan baik untuk melayani pelanggan kami dengan produk berkualitas.

Dengan lebih dari 200 mesin yang ditujukan untuk menjaga agar layanan kami tetap fleksibel dan efisien, grup kami mampu mempertahankan fasilitas luas yang disiapkan untuk menyediakan berbagai produk dan bagian HVAC standar dan dibuat khusus untuk aplikasi komersial dan industri termasuk kemampuan desain dan perangkat lunak.

Lihat produk dan layanan kami di balik layar dengan mengklik tombol di bawah ini!

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